Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Videos at www.judasvigilante.co.uk

Hi folks, I just added some new videos to the 'Videos' section of my website.
The videos are simple, cover art and music types, created last week. I think there are over 10 new ones. Old songs, mostly which I feel deserve they're own bit of special attention.

Enjoy! Thanks for now.

Link: http://judasvigilante.co.uk/videos

Sunday, 2 April 2017

New website

Hi everyone, just to point you too my new home of operations so to speak. The old www.judasvigilante.com was too expensive to run and looked rather outdated to say the least. Over the last week or two I've been working on the new site, www.judasvigilante.co.uk

It's a work in progress, but hopefully I'll be able to keep it running and updated.

Thanks as always, cheers for now.